3rd NSW Health Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Symposium

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Perinatal Mental Health Symposium

Friday, 15 November 2019

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Kolling Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital.

The symposium which was held on November 2019 focused on trauma and perinatal mental health. Whether it be trauma related to war, natural disasters, violence, childhood abuse or domestic violence, trauma is a major risk factor for perinatal mental illness. Trauma can have an enduring impact on the mother and the parent-infant relationship which then affects later child outcomes. The impact of relational trauma on the developing infant is often under-estimated, while the value of parent-infant work is misunderstood. These  presentations highlight important insights from practice and research on trauma  and mental health in pregnant or new parents.

Due to privacy & copyright issues, two presentations from the Symposium program could not be included in this recording. Consider using Internet Explorer to view the presentations.        

Session #TitlePresenter
1 Perinatal peer support Ashleigh Allan
2 Trauma-informed care for incarcerated, pregnant women: Between aspiration and reality Nicole Hodgson
3 Establishing a perinatal mental health service within a culturally and linguistically diverse immigrant community: Stores told and lessons leant Dr Sylvia Lim-Gibson
Bridget Clay
Victoria Norris
4 Early relational trauma: Supporting infants and parents Professor Louise Newman AM
5 “Birth trauma”? Professor Bryanne Barnett AM

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