Ms Ashleigh Boyle

Ashleigh Boyle

Acting Director of Education and Training

Ashleigh has 10 years’ experience in the areas  of health and education. Before joining HETI in 2019, Ashleigh worked for  various private and public higher education institutions, including the  University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the Australian College of Physical  Education (ACPE) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research  Organisation (CSIRO) Education and Outreach. Ashleigh is experienced in the  design, delivery and evaluation of higher education courses aligned to the  Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and in their accreditation process  with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Authority (TEQSA).

Ashleigh’s experience has focused on developing  and implementing effective pedagogical practices that enhance the learning of students  in tertiary study. Ashleigh’s work in the CSIRO Indigenous STEM Project involved  designing a sustainable model in education delivery that included quality  assurance, compliance and strategic planning of this project. Ashleigh is  currently completing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Global.

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