Dr Silke O’Callaghan

Dr Silke O’Callaghan

Director, Education and Training, Mental Health Portfolio

Silke has in excess of 10 years experience in the areas of health, education and exercise science.  Before joining HETI in 2018, Silke worked for various private and public higher education institutions, including the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). Silke is experienced in the leadership, design, development, and delivery of higher education courses and in their accreditation process with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Authority (TEQSA).

Silke has held a number of senior leadership academic roles throughout her career including: consultancy roles for UTS in accreditation of courses with professional associations such as Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA); Head of Department for Health Services; member of the Academic Board and Teaching and Learning Committee; and Chair of the Online Working Group and Ethics Committee at ACPE.

A significant feature of Silke’s experience has been in the area of selecting, adapting and implementing effective teaching and learning strategies and technologies in higher education courses and in the associated management processes within teams of academics. She has been particularly focused on enhancing the quality of online courses, especially through innovative assessment practices and engagement strategies.

Another area of Silke’s expertise is in the integration of the academic skills and strategies to enhance content learning, motivation and personal competencies required for successful tertiary study. She has achieved this through the implementation of a Mindfulness framework in order to develop lifelong learning capacities in students.

As Director of Education and Training, Silke is responsible for supporting and engaging students in quality learning and ensuring that HETI’s higher education courses are compliant with TEQSA and relevant professional associations. Her work is also focused on the design and quality assurance of training for staff in the area of mental health capabilities.