Adult Mental Health in Practice (100107)

Unit Type Core Unit
Credit Points 10
Delivery Mode e-Learning (online), Part Time

Adult Mental Health in Practice will enhance recovery-oriented skills for biopsychosocial assessment, formulation and person-led care planning. Evidence-based approaches to common sources of psychological distress will be examined, including anxiety, low mood, parenting with mental health issues and interpersonal relationship difficulties. The relationship between physical and mental health will be explored. Students will be provided with an opportunity to critically reflect on their clinical practice and enhance their ability to provide collaborative evidence-based care.

Learning Outcomes


Critically reflect on theoretical understandings and practical approaches to working with people who experience commonly occurring adult mental health presentations and life-stage issues, including considerations for diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Demonstrate the ability to apply a biopsychosocial framework to assessment, formulation and care-planning in collaboration with adults experiencing psychological distress, including consideration of the relationship between physical and mental health.


Engage in reflective practice and demonstrate self-awareness and transparent communication through collaborative work practices.